Brittney E

Teaching Photographers To Grow a Successful Business, While Capturing The Best Memories!

My love for photography grew through the power of community and watching other photographers. As I advanced my hobby into a career, I soon realized that my style and self-taught knowledge had the power to influence an even bigger community, along with teaching them photo skillsets and helping them grow an enormous business at the palm of their hands. 

My Background: 


urning everyday mamas into exceptional Photographers!

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Taking control

In this course you will learn how to take control of your camera. This course will walk you through your camera settings to make intentional decisions to get BEAUTIFUL photos straight out of camera. Manual mode is a step towards getting those bright, crisp and consistent images you are wanting. 



Jumpstart     Bootcamp

 In this bootcamp you will define your style and vision. You will take a look at what your ideal client looks like and how to price yourself. You will get a better understanding of your worth! This bootcamp will walk you through the steps to launch your very first promotional shoot to start booking your very first clients. 

One-on-One mentoring allows you to ask and receive information at a more detailed level. This mentorship allows you to understand the powerful level of both running a successful business and the details behind shooting different types of sessions, editing, and more.  

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